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Pig is the last animal sign of 12 Earthly Branches. Pig is in the Water group according to Chinese Five Element theory. Water is related to wisdom. Pig is connected to river or running water. Pig has wisdom, initiative and energy. Pig is not lazy.

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Pig Month is November, the first month of the winter. So Pig is the cold water in the winter. In Chinese I-Ching, Water is connected to the danger. When river water is overflowing, it might cause flooding. The sign of Pig is offensive and encroachment. Pig contains mainly Yang Water with some Yang Wood. Yang Wood is related to tall tree, landmark, boss or leader. The characteristics of Pig are kind, generous, magnanimous, warm-hearted and considerate with Leadership skill. Yin Earth Pig ranks 36th out of 60 Stem-Branches.

Chinese Astrology 2020 Predictions for All Signs: Horoscope 2020

Yin Earth stands for wet soil or farmland. Yang Water stands for running water or river. The sign of Yin Earth Pig is that a farmland is adjacent to a river. Farmland needs water for growing plants. But rive brings potential risk of flooding. Water represents money to Yin Earth.

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Pig brings money opportunity to Yin Earth. But too greedy about money might cause the trouble. Yin Earth is the wet farmland soil. It will become muddy when mixing with large amount of water. Pig becomes muddy and dirty when playing around on it. It's a Dirty and Muddy Pig Year. Earth and Water have two combinations in Chinese I-Ching. One is that Water like river flows on the ground. Water is a resource for living. People will get together around the river. This is a sign of prosperity. The other case is Water is under the ground.

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People will look for water resource. Water represents danger in I-Ching. This is a sign of a dispute or a war. Pig also contains Yang Wood. Yang Wood is tall tree or big wood. Yang Wood can be a boat flowing on the river. Water represents wisdom in Chinese Five Elements theory. Pig should make you smarter.

If Yin Earth bring you trouble, you might find a solution from Yang Wood. Chinese Fortune Calendar provides two different predictions. Go slowly. Go in and go yin, dear yin Rooster. This is passive energy, not exactly how one thinks of a fighting Rooster. Power lies in the ability to transcend other energies. You always put in an inspired effort. Never will you be less than spirited; never will you be dull.

Why waste the chances given by fate? Fate is calling on February 4, , so how are you going to answer the call? Smile and breathe and adjust your pace to yin. Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over in the Chinese year of the earth Pig. The earth element sets the mood for love.

All it requires is taking time for the important people in your life.

When is the Chinese New Year 12222?

This is important for hardworking, career-oriented Roosters who find it difficult to leave the workplace, leave troubles behind, and just be with those you love. The Rooster in love, needs to devote as much time to building close relationships as networking and climbing the corporate ladder. After all, who will be your support system when you get to the top or close to it?

Three guesses! No, not your mentor. Two more! If you are a single Rooster and looking for love, you could find it in You could meet someone associated with your career. An Ox, in the Ox month of January, is your best potential mate. Or not. Snakes and Monkeys take your breath away - and take your mind away from routine. Earthy socializing, like last year, is quieter, with fewer gatherings of smaller groups. The alliances may represent the reassurance of cliques and exclusive groups, when sometimes the people outside looking in seem more interesting than the Rooster inside who might want to be out there with them.

Good on you if this is where you are in Now, we know that you are actually a compassionate soul with deep feelings. This so-called rudeness is, in actuality, a clarity of focus that is not even graspable by most people. You can employ this skill in the Pig Year in an immensely helpful way. Your gift—keep us focused on long range planning.

Year of the Earth Pig–Feb. 5, 12222-Jan. 24, 2020

You can team up with your friend Ox in this endeavor. Remind people that the whole purpose of the party is to remember a time when people were kind to one another and respected differences. Our goal is not just to have some fun now, but to re-imagine, and bring into being, a just and enlightened society.

Being the sole guardian and protector of everyone and everything has left you exhausted. So, curl up in front of the fire and get some much needed rest. Good boy. Oh right…. Your gift—teach everyone how to nap. Finally people are coming to their senses and realizing that nothing important happens in life until everyone has been properly fed.

Social graces count. Friendship is necessary to health and happiness. As the 12th sign of the zodiac, and therefor the most sophisticated and wise, it is on you to teach everyone the fine art of being human again. The usual topics—philosophy, history, theology, mathematics, music appreciation—you know, the basic stuff that every human being should be able to discuss knowledgeably.

Your gift—be the icon of civil discourse, friendship, tolerance, and good taste.

Intuitive Astrology: Saturn and Pluto Align 12222-2020

Narrye Caldwell, L. For information about classes, workshops, and consultations go to www. This was a pleasant read. Yes everyone will be invited to the pigs dinner party, but will they all show up. Some are too focused on getting their way.

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But boundaries need to be defined, and proper manners used. If this year was a tarot card it would be the five of Pentacles. Happy new year! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and guidance. Looking forward to reconnect in OM Aelita. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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tarot reading january 24 2020 Tarot reading january 24 2020
tarot reading january 24 2020 Tarot reading january 24 2020
tarot reading january 24 2020 Tarot reading january 24 2020
tarot reading january 24 2020 Tarot reading january 24 2020
tarot reading january 24 2020 Tarot reading january 24 2020
tarot reading january 24 2020 Tarot reading january 24 2020

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