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2. The Zodiac: Dividing the Stars and Heavens Into 12 Constellations (3000BCE)

By Kari Paul. Comment icon. Text Resize Print icon. MarketWatch Partner Center. So, a person who is influenced by Mars is aggressive because Mars is the god of war. Or if a person is a loving person, they were influenced by Venus because Venus is the goddess of love. While astrologers believe astrology is scientific, real scientists know that it is not. Here are some problems. Imagine the zodiac as a perfectly symmetrical circle divided equally into 12 different 30 degree sections.

Astrology And The Bible Code

Each section contains an astrological sign. Astronomy which is an actual science and not to be confused with Astrology tells us that despite what astrologers have told us, these sections are not even close to equal and vary considerably. A bit sketchy, at best. That means the sun has moved one full sign back.

So, people who think they are a certain sign are not. This revelation blows them away like their whole world just exploded. Some honest people rightly turn away from Astrology. But do they work? The truth is horoscopes, palm readers, psychics, and tarot card readings are almost always fraudulent. This has been proven again and again. What follows are the facts that most people have probably not heard, and that Astrologers will not tell you:.

Studies reveal that practitioners who read horoscopes for a living cannot pick out their own reading when placed in the midst of other readings. If you send a horoscope to ten different astrologers, you will get ten different readings. That is 1 out of 10 odds! Studies also have clearly demonstrated that people take what they want from the readings, reliable or not. They often read into the horoscopes and tarot cards falsely and take from them only what seems true. This was demonstrated by a French researcher who offered a free horoscope reading in a newspaper.

Over people took the test unaware of the study. Marcel, one of the most notorious mass murderers in all of French history. If someone persists believing in astrology even after all of the facts, then they are no better than looking up at the ceiling. Blind belief without evidence is naive.

Belief when the evidence is against you is superstition. Or, just plain gullible. Stop making the false practice of Astrology your security blanket! Take charge of your own life! Be the person you are or want to be, not the person some dead lifeless planets tell you that you should be. Christians, God made us. God knows us. He alone sees our future. Turn to him and put your life in HIS hands and He will guide you! After all, planets and stars cannot love you, but God loves you with an infinite love. Why not run to Him? And, I would agree with you.

For example, the Mormons believe the Book of Mormon is true and historical. Yet, the two most prestigious historical societies in our country say it is not true and there is nothing to back it up. Yet, they still believe. On the other hand, every historian, history book, encyclopedia and such say that Jesus existed, and these same historical societies have made thousands of discoveries to verify things in the Bible.

Same with faith itself.

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Belief in God for Christians is not blind but based on evidence. Logical deductive reasoning. Hence the 5 proofs of St. Thomas Aquinas. These are definitely deeper reads, but both excellent. This was very insightful until you contradicted yourself with your last two statements.

Is the bible based on astrology?

To me it sounds like trading one superstition for the next and still depending on some comfortable idea of fate to keep from taking charge of your own life. Glad to see this was a relatively new post… you are spot-on with your argument about blind belief without evidence. And I have to agree with Sam above regarding a belief in a God in the sense of some separate sentient being that is a creator. I do believe that what is missing is some acknowledgement of how real effects can be misinterpreted.

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  • The tremendous amount of infant death for example. The gaps keep shrinking and in the popular imagination I would venture that most christians think of God as a sort of designer and the force that sort of kick-started the universe.

    Index of Cults and Religions

    Suppose there were some subtle, as-yet-undiscovered real effect that correlated with your astrological sign. Those people that had a dogmatic non-believer view would be closing their minds to reality and those that believe in astrology would too! One might think about God using the language one grew up using to describe him. Our mental objects evolve over time to adapt to our experiences.

    Scorpio In The Bible

    Why would someone accept the symbolism and rhetoric of an ancient people that lived years ago? Why would one restrict the perhaps very real effect of God to fit into a language and symbolism that came from that era? Is it helpful or restrictive? I just want to work toward seeing the world as it is.

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