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Sagittarius November December 21 : Sagittarius as zodiac sign is very keen lover of nature, philosophy an adventure. They choose life partner who are very energetic, adventurous just like them. Ruling planet is Jupiter. Lucky Numbers: 15, 23, 35, 81, Capricorn Decmeber22 - January 19 : Very traditional and universal at the same time,a Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Loves to stay with family and see the world in one life only.

Lucky Numbers: 12, 20, 23, 21, 3.

Dr. Sohini Sastri Felicitated by Defence Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh

Patience and gentle behaviors define a person of this sign. For them Love is a constant feelings and should not change in course of time. They give priority to relationships more than anything. Lucky Numbers: 7, 11, 30, 46, Pisces February 19 —March 20 : According to best astrologer in Delhi , Pisces have lots of hobbies including cooking, love for literature, gardening, home making etc. Persons who stay with them are very lucky in long run as they do not have to think about household matters.

Pisces can take care of it all alone. Lucky numbers: 17, 21, 37, 69, Labels: astrologer , astrologer in Delhi , best astrologer in Delhi , best astrologer in India. In ancient time, Hindu Shasta used to believe in necessity of puja of new house and setting of the house according to vaastu. Best astrologer in Delhi are still continuing the trend of ancient time. Vaastu Shasta deals with the various perspective of architecture like position of your house, measurement, direction, distance etc.

In our daily hurdle of life we rarely get peace of mind. Home is such a place where you can get peace of mind. Vaastu is such a powerful science that it can simply wipe out your stress through its cosmic nature. But advice related to vaastu is not same for every house. So it is our duty to tell you that do not fall into trap or wrong vaastu by getting suggestion from internet as it will cause you harm rather doing any good for your dream house.

Take appointments from astrologer and consult with them for your perfect house planning. Labels: astrologer in Delhi , best astrologer in Delhi , Delhi astrologer. Astrology is not any mind making concept or opinions of any person. It is a study of celestial force and position of planets all in all. Now the matter is how many people actually believe in astrology nowadays? I mean, is it really very hard to find valued opinion nowadays? Yes it is. On the process of finding the best astrologer in Delhi we keep searching. The result is sometime we get and another time just failed to find the best one in the country.

So, before going to an astrologer search for them thoroughly and then consult them. A wrong prediction or judgment otherwise can ruin your all life and happiness. Believing in astrology is very no harm rather taking step forwards to your future should be very measured step. Best astrologer in Delhi can help you in that journey. Here the point is how do you know that you are going to the top person in this particular field? But take valued opinion instead.

Labels: astrologer , astrologer in Delhi , astrological services , best astrologer in Delhi. Buying a flat or making your dream house is something that is your life long wish. And only once we have the opportunity to build the dream home for you. Best tantrik in India is suggesting that you must follow vaastu, scientific astrology before making your house. Today we will discuss about the home planning of first of Zodiac sign which is Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars and of course it is a Sun sign.

Basically this sign is sporty and techie in nature. Their dining room should be full of mementos, sporty articles, medals, photos etc. As per bed space, it should be keep simple, alive and very comfy. In the house of an Aries there must be drawing room with full of books, video games, play station etc. An Aries easily falls depressed says best tantrik in India.

Dr. Sohini Sastri : Famous Astrologer in India, Numerologist, Vastu, Tantra, Palmistry Specialist

To cut down depression in least we should follow minimalism for decorating the house. Also matte items, articles are totally no- no for them. You should follow these tips before starting your dream home at least once. Labels: astrologer , best tantra services , best tantrik in India , tantra. Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Consulting your career with authentic person is very important. Best astrologer in Delhi does not tell you to believe totally in astrology and forgetting about hard work.

Rather suggests you to focus on hard work and then come to astrologer to get the best result out from your career. In life, Career, job opportunity is such a thing that should be chooses wisely and very patiently. One wrong decision in the path of success can leads you to drastic downfall. But sometime despite of good knowledge and opportunity, we cannot prosper and get the best result after giving several chances to yourself.

That is when a best astrologer helps you to find the right path and guidance for you. There are many methods to properly examine that which career suits you best or how you can prosper in life. Best astrologer in Delhi relies on birth chart, Vedic method to know about you ruling planet, their positions and power of planets in your life. Being a general public we cannot understand those methods. So we must follow the guidance of a renowned astrologer in their field. Labels: astrologer , astrologer in Delhi , best astrologer in Delhi , Delhi astrological services.

The best astrologer in Delhi decided to post Daily Horoscope Prediction in her various blog and social media to help common people a bit. May be in some cases we can avoid drastic bad luck. Here goes the horoscope for 14 th August, Aries 14 August, Some physical changes that you do today will improve your looks. Insightful ventures will just get returns; accordingly make sure where you put your well deserved cash. You will confront a few issues today, however be sensible and don't expect supernatural occurrences from individuals who expand help.

Today it will be hard to kill your time without dearest.

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All are probably going to be profited. However, think before holding hands with accomplices. Your energy to persuade others will pay rich profits. Your wedded life is no fun nowadays; converse with your accomplice and plan something truly cool. Taurus 14 August, Offer the family issues with your significant other. Invest some measure of energy for one another to rediscover and reaffirm yourself as an adoring, supporting couple. Your youngsters also will get the vibrations of delights and harmony concordance at home.

This will give you more prominent suddenness and opportunity in your collaboration with one another. Improvement in funds is sure. Make course of action with your companion to complete off pending family work. Love is past the breaking point of faculties, yet your faculties will encounter the euphoria of adoration today. Albeit some resistance will emerge from individuals who are working at the senior level, still it will be significant for you to keep a composed attitude. Your capacity to act quickly to issues will bring you acknowledgment.

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  • Dr. Sohini Sastri : Famous Astrologer in India, Numerologist, Vastu, Tantra, Palmistry Specialist.
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Life will be extremely brilliant today on the grounds that your life partner has arranged something unique. Gemini 14 August, You will have plenitude of vitality, yet work weight appears to get you aggravated. Speculation made today will upgrade your success and money related security.

Companions and life partner carries solace and bliss to you generally a dull and moderate day. Your affection life will bring you something extremely wonderful today. Your capacity to do additional work will astonish the individuals who are delayed in their presentation. Oppose partner with individuals that will hurt your notoriety. Love, kisses, embraces, and fun, the day is about sentiment with your significant other.

Cancer 14 August, Today is multi day of diversion and fun. Money related issues ruin your capacity to think usefully.


Help from relatives deal with your needs. Wedding ringers for a few while others will discover sentiment to keep them in uplifted spirits. You could demolish your task in the event that you are too open about your arrangements. It's a brilliant day for social just as religious capacities. On the off chance that you were longing for the love of your companion, the day will favor you. Leo 14 August, You are probably going to dazzle individuals around you with your inspirational viewpoint and certainty.

You will earn substantial sums of money today, yet make an effort not to neglect it through your fingers.

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Startling uplifting news later in the day brings bliss and cheers for the whole family. Your adoration accomplice will astound you with something extremely wonderful today. Collaborators and subordinates will bring snapshots of stress and stress. Today is a great day for some diversion and excitement. Life has been extremely intense with you as of late, yet today you will end up in the heaven of your life partner. Virgo 14 August, Wellbeing stays flawless. Financial additions will be from one than one source.

A fix work at home or social parties liable to keep you occupied.

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sohini sastri astrologer Sohini sastri astrologer
sohini sastri astrologer Sohini sastri astrologer
sohini sastri astrologer Sohini sastri astrologer
sohini sastri astrologer Sohini sastri astrologer
sohini sastri astrologer Sohini sastri astrologer
sohini sastri astrologer Sohini sastri astrologer
sohini sastri astrologer Sohini sastri astrologer

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