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Think positive and see what happens! This particular Mercury retrograde is at the top of your chart, which means it will involve authority figures in your life parents, bosses, VIPs and even the police. This involvement will be based upon previous actions. Furthermore, to use this Mercury retrograde to your advantage, it means these people you encounter will help you finish something you wanted to achieve. They can put you in touch with someone. They can give you final approval. Perhaps you just need their encouragement or advice? If there is someone like this in your past that you hesitated to contact - summon up the courage and do it this week!

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Generally, people are flattered when you solicit their advice. It shows you respect them. While some signs easily use Mercury retrograde to their advantage, you will suffer from delays with travel. Mixed-up reservations, hours spent in airports, double bookings and car problems might plague your week.

But lo! What news from yonder modem breaks? Where Mercury retrograde can bless you is it will help you to finish school papers, finish that manuscript, study for tests, do school research and finish projects related to medicine and the law. If you're writing a magazine article or anything related to the media, this will go swiftly.

This is Professor Dumbledore. There's no moss growing on you! Like Gemini, Mercury is your ruler; and while you feel the frustrations, delays and confused communications of Mercury retrograde, like Gemini, you have the inside track on how to use Mercury retrograde so that you come out smelling like a -- Virgo.

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This week you will wrap up many different details that are things we all want to finish and put behind us. You will finish business that is tax related or anything to do with debt, paying bills, dealing with insurance matters, inheritances, wills and estates. All that fun stuff. But how wonderful to get it done and off your plate!

You might also end a dispute or clarify confusion about shared property. Make Mercury work for you! The last time Mercury was retrograde opposite your sign was one year ago in April.

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Before that, it was in March When Mercury is retrograde opposite your sign, you have to deal with ex-spouses, ex-partners and old friends. You will encounter them in person or on the Internet; or they might be involved indirectly in your life. Whatever - they're back!

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Take heart - this will not happen again until April Naturally, you will demonstrate grace under pressure. It's not just that you need to show someone what they missed. What's more important is to show them who you are now. Hey - you're a class act! And since you're earning more money this year, you look like one, too. Ta da! The thing to remember about Mercury retrograde is that it wants life to go backwards - not forwards.

This is why there are transportation delays. It's also why the mail is late.

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But if you can think of anything you need to do where you need to "go backwards," then you're laughing! The particular areas that you can work with this week relate to your job, your health, and anything to do with pets. So yes, your job will suffer from goofy errors, delays and mistakes in communications.

But you can also finish projects and wrap up stuff that's been sitting around getting dusty. You can resume ambitious plans to improve your health. Get back in the saddle! Whether it's a diet or an exercise regime - don't give up! This week you will be able to finish anything related to professional sports or the arts. Those of you who have projects on the go related to hobbies and creative activities will also finish what you started.

You might finish a writing project, a screenplay, a painting, a song, a quilt, a sculpture, a building idea, a playground or anything you started to create for children.

Don't let these areas nag you anymore. Roll up your sleeves and finish them! Admittedly, old flames might be back in your life in person or indirectly. This can be both unnerving and exciting. Depends on the history, doesn't it?

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This can be a thrilling, fun week! The downside of this particular Mercury retrograde is that it will attract relatives and people to your home that you would rather not have. You have my sympathies. The upside is that family discussions will be able to plow through unfinished business and get stuff done! This will be productive and beneficial for everyone. You can put your cards on the table and clarify boundaries. You can definitely finish DIY projects that have been lingering.

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You know who you are. Mars in your sign gives you have boundless energy this week!

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Don't waste it. I have to come clean. This particular Mercury retrograde is tough for your sign. Ironically, it's because it takes place in the "home" of Mercury, which means it really goes postal! Transportation delays, especially due to missed buses and trains or the breakdown of automobiles and trucks will be classic. Someone older is listening and they are impressed. Leo July Aug. Nevertheless, these ideas are doable. In fact, someone older or more experienced might be impressed with your suggestions. You might impulsively buy something that is useful and long-lasting.

Virgo Aug. You can dream up original ideas and see new ways of doing things that are actually doable. Libra Sept. You can feel it and it makes you curious and keen to explore something. However, you will focus primarily on domestic responsibilities, especially if someone older expects something from you.

Scorpio Oct. Sagittarius Nov. It will surprise you. However, you might surprise them with your practical response! Capricorn Dec. Good day to make travel plans, especially last-minute ones. Aquarius Jan. However, even if this is the case, you will recover quickly and be on it like a wet T-shirt. You will see ways to recover and turn the unexpected into an advantage for you.

georgia nicols weekly horoscopes Georgia nicols weekly horoscopes
georgia nicols weekly horoscopes Georgia nicols weekly horoscopes
georgia nicols weekly horoscopes Georgia nicols weekly horoscopes
georgia nicols weekly horoscopes Georgia nicols weekly horoscopes
georgia nicols weekly horoscopes Georgia nicols weekly horoscopes
georgia nicols weekly horoscopes Georgia nicols weekly horoscopes
georgia nicols weekly horoscopes Georgia nicols weekly horoscopes

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