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1. PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Matthew Remski's recent article on his time practicing Vedic astrology put this neurological trend into perspective. As he writes,. Human beings are by nature reactive. If we were proactive animals, global warming, for one, would not be a contested topic today. A broader range of Americans would be taking steps to counteract the trend. It's a paralyzing conundrum: those who believe in an invisible deity responsible for the planet's well-being refuse to 'believe' that our planet is getting warmer because they cannot 'see' it.

How can we really pick the invisible things we don't believe in, or worse, only give faith to those for which there is absolutely no evidence of? Such is the same in astrological idealizing. We pick out trends that fit our narrative only after they've occurred. Then we write them into the story. False guestimates are forgotten, or excused as some further plot destined by the stars.

A Vedic astrologer might help you pick the 'best date' for your wedding, but if the marriage dissolves into a divorce, well, that too becomes part of the 'plan. Our ancestors developed pattern recognition as a survival technique. An ear at one end of the bush and tail at the other meant run. If you planted a seed in spring, then by fall you'd harvest the bounty. After suffering my first heartbreak in my early twenties, I consulted one such astrologer-psychic to make sense of my life. I knew going in the advertised ten-dollar charge would not hold. I begrudgingly ran to the ATM in hopes that an answer would magically appear in her somnolent inbox.

I returned the next day to find out that someone was trying to manipulate me. Who was it, she asked? No one. I had no enemies at the time of my life, a trend I try my best to maintain. There must be someone, she replied. Or they can do them all! The greatest people in history have done this, e. For example, the two greatest entertainers of all time, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, were born under the apparently dull signs of Capricorn and Virgo, respectively.

Nature, humanism, science, skepticism.

Osama bin Laden, that heartless architect of mass murder, was born a Pisces, the supposedly most compassionate and benign sign. I once read a birthday book which had a personality description for every day of the year. As I read each page, I realised most of the descriptions on the pages OTHER than that of my birthday actually fit my personality much better. Do distant bodies in space have any effect on our behaviour? Or is it WE who have an effect on our behaviour? To know once and for all, we would have to see an influence in those of us who cannot understand or have never been exposed to astrology: people living in obscure communities, the adopted with incorrect birth records, and animals.

If astrology holds any weight, the planets should not discriminate between life forms and we should see a pattern of striking similarities across the spectrum of living beings born at a particular time of year. And those who claim that when the exact time of birth with seconds and microsecond precision is jnown then astrology is correct. Ok let me agree.. Come to India. It is funny to see how leading TV channels dedicate several hours of their airtime to discuss Astrology. People call up astrologers and cry and plead to get solutions for their personal problems.

Astrologers are consulted for the most approriate timing in announcing elections, starting campaigns, marketing a product and even rocket launches and inauguration of nuclear reactors.

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Looks like whole socienty is in the firm grip of astrologers and clerics. Great article Les and what a beautiful explanation Alita, wow. I have moved to India and the place is filthy with astrologers. While there is not an iota of doubt that astrology is utter nonsense, astrologers here are making a killing.

Astrology fails to succeed when tested against reality. For example, if the distribution of heavenly bodies at birth has any implication into the life-course of the child, then twins should be virtually identical in their future, interests, talents, and personalities.

Of course, this is not the case. The error grows greater every year. The gravity of stars and planets is the only force that could effect earth, and for the vast majority of heavenly bodies, this effect is negligible.

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All the people in my life are not what their sun, moon or ascendant signs are like. Astrology is people using planets to control your life, who the hell will listen to them if they with no backup, try to tell who and what you are. As a person who got somewhat suckered into the illusory world that astrology is, I can verify that Alita nailed much of and nailed it very well. Because I really found myself spending way too much time THINKING about it: what do they mean by these statements because they are so cleverly vague, but sprinkled with just enough partial-broad truths.

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Well now you want to go and read a few of the descriptions: moon in this sign, mercury in that sign, blah blah blah… wow! How did they do that? What about aspects? The aspects are incredibly crucial. Okay let me go and read about aspects. Same thing. Same thing is done with the houses. Oh and throw in a few asteroids. And the different house systems. Then one day something clicked and the most obvious question: how the fuck do you know what any of these placements signify? So I started to look at it in that light and I could laugh at it and myself , and the more I pulled back, took a more overview stance, come to sites like this; helps a lot.

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Sometimes it is a very flowery-dressed bike but it is still a bike and the same kind of character is riding it so a serial brain rapist on a bike rides by your house…. I predict that an impressively high proportion of astrological articles one comes upon will say that anyone who ridicules astrology has no idea what real astrology is all about. Although the article is pretty old I will still leave a reply because there his one thing I really hate is people saying something is complete bullshits with only arrogance to back up their claim and a random study. I could prove anything with a study with some stats well presented.

How do I know? But the funny part is that I tired to find this study because it interested me to see how it was made up and guess what : It has never been published because there are some data who could have back up astrology. Lead by example Les! Are you seriously suggesting that whatever the outcome of my one experiment would somehow counteract the study cited in this article that tracked 2, people over the course of several decades?

I find myself with more questions from this one paragraph than answers from this entire article. Astrology is rubbish. Those are just planets made of rocks and gasses.

Astrology: When the stars align – The Crow's Nest

How can they affect our lives. Our personality, habits, achievements depends on us, the way we are brought up, it depends on our desire and determination for something, not because of some Mars placement. Crap patch jobs are absolutely everywhere and you lame-ass […]. Virgo Aug.

As they cock their head to allow first one beady eye, then the other, to gaze longingly into your dewy pair, you listen to their tales of the Fowl Revolution. The moment you fervently swear allegiance to their […]. However, before you freak out or try to put a stop to the whole project, consider the […]. Leo July Aug. You know that life is short and that treating yourself is essential to self-care and your daily well-being.

Leos, however, have the ability, shared by all three fire signs, to really turn up the volume and get shit done. You may not be able to achieve the supernova hotness of an Aries […]. Is that really how you want to spend your birthday season?

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astrology is bullshit facebook Astrology is bullshit facebook
astrology is bullshit facebook Astrology is bullshit facebook
astrology is bullshit facebook Astrology is bullshit facebook
astrology is bullshit facebook Astrology is bullshit facebook
astrology is bullshit facebook Astrology is bullshit facebook
astrology is bullshit facebook Astrology is bullshit facebook
astrology is bullshit facebook Astrology is bullshit facebook

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